You would like me to paint a painting for you? You have a certain size in mind and a theme or feeling, which should transport this painting for you?

This year I am offering my clients 2 spots for commissioned work.

I admit, commission work can be challenging and yet I love it.

When you commission a painting from me, it should be clear that you really like my way of expressing myself artistically in general. You are in tune with my color palette and stylistic means.

When I accept a client order, I still have full artistic freedom, but, I have you and what you have told me in my mind and it is my intention to feel my way into it as best I can to create a painting for you that delights and moves you.

What I do not paint for you:

  • Pets
  • Photorealistic portraits of family members 
  • Images with melancholic content

What I do paint for you:

  • Faces whose expression touches you in combination with abstract and plant-like shapes and animal figures.

Within this, a lot is possible. If you want to take the opportunity, secure one of two places and contact me directly. I look forward to your request!

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