moves me to make art is the will to make visible that which underlies all existence.

It is as if I hear a sound that accompanies me day in and day out. A constant, subtle vibration that reminds me of the other planes of reality.

Besides our physical one, they are vast worlds full of meaning and wonder in which I love to move.

Perhaps you would say I am talking about magic, and you are right, because magic is nothing other than experiencing life fully and also working fully within it.

I want to remind you of yourself. It is not by chance that you are reading these words.

Just as the beauty of a sky, a flower, a summer rain or the look in the eyes of a person, connects you, whether you are aware of it or not, directly with the magical world, so do my paintings.

The vibrant colors,

the figures and shapes, have only one goal, to give you and me an image for something that is not to grasp with words.

Sometimes figures visit me in my paintings, sometimes I explore personal themes and sometimes abstract forms reveal themselves to me.

My paintings and I work hand in hand. There are times when I follow them and there is space for me to play.

And always there is, that one big theme:



I was born in the former German Democratic Republic (GDR), a country that no longer exists.

I have always been able to daydream very well and I preferred to make and paint.

a long time, my life was characterized by great wishes and great doubts. Again and again, I tried to find plan B until I finally decided to climb the mountain of many tasks

Now I am in touch with my big childlike heart and ready to take myself by the hand. I allow myself to play and I am here to bring something beautiful and important into this world.