I paint,

because I feel it is my task.

The world is full of signs and wonders of ubiquitous magic. But many people forget that in their everyday activities.

I want to remind you of you. Of your essence and the subtle energetic fields that are in and around everything. In these levels of reality lies our power and our potential and they are what I want to make visible in my paintings.

paint connects me with them too and making art translates my own feelings and developments into something that is beautiful and that touches me deeply in my soul. My paintings are always one step ahead of me, telling me about greater visions. They bring messages that are meant for me and for you.

In the blink

of an eye, figures and shapes appear in front of my inner eye, which I research. I always make more precise drawings of them or keep the first impression in my mind.

On the canvas I work spontaneously to be open for new discoveries.

My pictures and I work hand in hand. There are times when I follow them and there is room for me to play. I create out of the moment, find the color that feels right for every place and let myself be surprised by the message.

I feel my paintings.

The act of creating something out of nothing is most impressive for me when I paint. The magic of this is fundamental and I enjoy my freedom like a child.

Making art teaches me to be authentic.


I was born in the former German Democratic Republic (GDR), a country that no longer exists.

I have always been able to daydream very well and I preferred to make and paint.

a long time, my life was characterized by great wishes and great doubts. Again and again, I tried to find plan B until I finally decided to climb the mountain of many tasks. It needed so many years, destructive relationships, looking into the mirror, looking into the darkness, teachers in manifold forms and my stubborn will.

I feel my childlike heart. I trust myself. I allow myself to play and I am here to bring something beautiful and meaningful to this world.

This is me