Art that transcends two worlds,

bringing messages and magic that are meant for you.

When I paint

I connect with the everyday magic and the subtle energetic fields that are in and around everything. There I feel at home. It is incredibly beautiful there. No little thing is unimportant in this world. It is like a playground of significance. My images come from that place. I wish to show it to you.

Get to know me better
  • "Such a deep painting. It expresses so much and I notice how I can let my emotions flow more freely when I look at the painting ... I'm really very touched. What a gift!"


  • "It is a beautiful painting. The colors are breathtaking, I can look at these faces for a very long time in wonder. Your work is beautiful."


  • "The painting in the two rooms are so great! So much positive energy and strength from the colors. That really recharges you!"


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