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Claudia Pollack REAL VIBE ART

'Roots', limited edition embellished canvas print

'Roots', limited edition embellished canvas print

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Embellished canvas print:
  • limited edition
  • 4 pieces in total
  • size as original (100 x 120 cm)
  • including shadow gap frame, wood, untreatened
This canvas print is so beautiful that you will not see, that this even is a canvas print.

I have once again lent a hand and went with my brush over the canvas. Intensified the colors here and there and put contours where it seemed necessary to me.

Each of these processed canvas prints thus gets its own individual touch and each will turn out a little different. 

So a real one of a kind.

Please give me 8 weeks, before I ship the painting.

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This painting has power. This painting came out of a failure. 

I had planned it differently, but at some point in the middle of the process I realized that the scenery on the canvas was somehow a step too far. There was something missing, namely the way there. 

After laboriously scraping the layer of paint off the canvas, I took my time dealing with the feelings that arose. There was impatience, dissatisfaction and anger. Quickly something in me wanted to make this "mistake" forgotten, with a new painting. 

And that's exactly why I took my time. I was looking for the message in this dilemma:

root (verb), rooting, taking root. The new painting itself was the answer.

I have written a BLOG ARTICLE about this bikd. Click on the link to read it.

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