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Claudia Pollack REAL VIBE ART

'Visitors' Original

'Visitors' Original

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  • Acrylic on canvas (wedge frame)
  • 100 x 120 cm
  • 2021
  • with firn
  • unframed

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This painting is the heart of the 'Visitors' series. It shows the individuals who visited me in my mind. They are standing in the flat water with their feet, the coast and mountains  can be seen in the background. A shining gate stands in the water, illuminates it and connects worlds. The female figure in the foreground bears a bowl with water that consists of water itself. From the shadow behind her, a flute player leans to the fore. A little further back is a young man with a staff at the top of which a flower opens. Two people sit in a boat behind the gate.

These visitors bring us their gifts: trust, lightness, self -love and belonging.


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