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Claudia Pollack REAL VIBE ART

'The Word Surrender' limit. canvas print

'The Word Surrender' limit. canvas print

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Embellished canvas print:

  • limited edition
  • 4 pieces in total
  • in size of the original ( 80 x 100 cm)
  • including shadow gap frame, wood, untreated

This canvas print is so beautiful that you will not see it that this is a canvas print.

I have once again lent a hand and went over the canvas with my brush. Intensified the colors here and there and added contours where it seemed necessary.

Each of these processed canvas prints thus gets its own individual touch and each will turn out a little different. 

So a real one of a kind.

Please give me 8 weeks until I put the print in the shipping.

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'Surrender'- one of my favorite english words. For me it sounds like spell, soft, rolling, loving, good -natured.

Translated literally, it means to give up, put themselves, capitulate and disclose. I felt the mix of these meanings when I started this painting from a state of 80% exhaustion. When I recognized, what wanted to go to the canvas, I was briefly tried to steer or influence this expression, an inner regulator spoke up and criticized whether that would be the art I had announced to bring into the world?

The best thoughts and intentions can run into poison as soon as they become rigid rules or dogmas. The space then becomes a vacuum. I know that very well, because I have often observed this tendency to myself. Allow is therefore another of my magic words. I allow myself to allow myself ... that sounds like coming home. The words feel like ointment on wounds. They are the acceptance of everything I feel in me and the deliberately wanted to step out in the unknown at the same time. An important aspect of being an artist is for me that I can afford everything. It is an exercise for me to be me and take the risk of being rejected.

I allowed myself to paint what was in me. I have allowed myself not to judge prematurely, but to stay with it. I followed the joy of the shapes and colors. I fell in love with the exhaustion of this figure and the native beauty. I have not planned that so much strength will come to light. I surrendered.


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