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Claudia Pollack HIGH VIBE ART

'I Remember Me' Original

'I Remember Me' Original

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  • Acrylic on canvas (wedge frame)
  • 80 x 100 cm
  • 2021
  • with firn
  • unframed

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'I remember me' Is inspired by a hypnosis session I had. The topic of the session was self -love and from a certain point in time during the session I could feel how a flower started to open slowly in the middle of my chest. Since then I have been wearing this flower within me.
While I was in hypnosis, I remembered myself and I felt a strong connection to the child that I once was. I could see how concepts and beliefs that I had included in myself had become my reality. I also saw that all the possibilities, everything I wanted so dearly, were already waiting for me. They were only covered by my beliefs about me and my skills.
While I was in a trance, I made the decision to love my approaches and to love myself, simply because I am.

The main color of the picture is pink in different nuances. Pink not only does it stand for love in spirituality, it also has a physically and mentally calming effect on humans. In this painting I used this color not only intuitively but with the intention,  to create a deeply calming painting.


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