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Claudia Pollack REAL VIBE ART

'The World Is Full Of Signs And Wonders II'

'The World Is Full Of Signs And Wonders II'

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The World Is Full Of Signs And Wonders I - III'

These sensual small formats are inspired by Sardinia, the summer, the smells, the warm wind, the sea and especially the light. They shimmer and shine, evoking bare feet in warm sand, fruits, plants and the power of the sun. The moments when, under a dense canopy of eucalyptus trees, just a few meters from the sea, sitting in front of our camper, walking around, playing, watching the light, I kept very deep inside me. A mixture of shadow spots and very bright light, pushing through the gaps in the leaves, visible on faces and especially in the eyes. Simply magical!


  • Acrylic on canvas
  • 18 x 24 cm
  • glossy firn
  • framed in shadow gap frame, wood transparent and oiled
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