Collection: Paintings

An original is incomparable.

My intention and whole love, my concentrated attention and listening to the message of the painting are incorporated layer by layer, brush stroke by brush stroke.

The texture of the painting surface on which the pigments luminate and the shine of the varnish that covers the painting are sensual experiences that only an original offers. 

To acquire a painting is something very personal. It reflects values, desires, attitude to life and personal themes, to name a few. It will accompany you, probably for a lifetime. It is like a really good friend who has something important to tell you in every situation of life. 

For unframed paintings, I will gladly arrange the framing for you. Please contact me before or after your purchase.


Pay by installments

Originals from 200 euros can be paid in installments. Just send me a message via my contact page or give me a call.

Art Prints

Even if the original is sold, you can buy excellent art prints of many of my works.
Here they are